Pacific Rim – Despite the cheesiness, it’s a good film!


I realise Pacific Rim has been out for a while now, but I just sort of looked past it at the cinema due to its innuendo-inspiring name and its lack of hugely famous actors. In fact the only person in it I really recognise from anything else is that blonde guy who was in Eastenders a few years ago as some wannabe heartthrob. I think he was a Mitchell, I could be wrong. If you liked him in that you’ll be glad to know he’s actually not too bad in this, aside from his atrocious attempt at an Aussie accent and his slightly wooden character.

I realise I’m not selling this very well but what I should point out is that despite the cheesiness it is just a really good film. Sort of like the first time you watched Jurassic Park, you didn’t care that there were loads of “oh you stupid people nobody would behave like that in real life” moments, because there are dinosaurs chasing them that are huge and scary and exciting. Whilst I appreciate that the title of the film isn’t irrelevant to its content, it could easily have been made into quite a fun parody (à la Snakes on a Plane for example) had they decided to just call it Robots vs Monsters. Honestly I think I’d have been more inclined to see it if they had.

The narrative is mildly predictable but it all seems to slot into place quite well, and whilst it starts in quite a dark place with a bit of an “underdog” vibe, that ends up being less irritating than you’d expect – there are a few nice moments where people put differences aside for the greater good and so on. I only found myself thinking “oh that’s convenient” once, and it was made up for by the main character saying “hang on let’s go back and make sure it IS actually dead”, which I was happy about, because there’s very little that’s more annoying in a film than characters who don’t behave like you think you would behave in that situation.

The graphics are top notch, there are a few funny moments provided by the supporting roles, and the hero and his nemesis perform in pretty much the way you’d expect.

In summary, if you haven’t seen it yet, see it, and don’t be afraid to buy it on DVD, as it doesn’t place much weight in the storyline so you don’t mind watching it and knowing what will happen next. I expect a slightly unrelated sequel at some point, ie in the distant future or on another planet or something, and probably with a better cast, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my popcorn ready for when that happens. Oh and I didn’t mention Ron Perlman. He’s in it for a very short while and is brilliant as always. Who doesn’t love Ron Perlman?



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