OPINION: Destiny is Awesome


Note: The following is my own opinion that  have formed while playing Destiny. Enjoy!

Destiny launched earlier this month after a very lengthy development period. For a lot of people, the wait was definitely worth it – many players have totally embraced Bungie’s latest game – and personally my friends list on PSN has never been so active. There are a vocal portion of the player base however that are branding Destiny as a huge disappointment – for some the immense hype that the game generated killed the final product before it was even released.


Destiny is a special game for me, firstly it is an incredibly designed and polished video game, for me it has managed to rekindle my love of the first person shooter. After so many years of the same tried and tested formulas, Destiny is a breath of fresh air; in fact I haven’t enjoyed a first person shooter this much since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. There’s just something about cruising around the ruins of Earth with my Ghost and online friends, taking on missions and collecting bounties that is at the same time fun and relaxing as well as incredibly rewarding. The feeling of finally obtaining a legendary item is a feeling difficult to match in any other video game, and sure Borderlands did the whole shoot ‘n loot first – but Destiny just elevates it to a whole other level.

I appreciate that the game still leaves a lot to be desired, the infamous loot cave was a disaster for Bungie when you really think about it. A vast majority of players would rather stand in front of a cave and shoot at enemies over and over all in the name of getting better loot – rather than play the game as was intended. There are other issues with drop rates and rarity/ chances of decrypting gear – however it only takes one look at the Bungie development blog and its pretty apparent that Bungie is dead serious about patching the game in order to bring balance and to make it into something that truly reflects the original vision that they had when designing the game – and already some of those changes are already live.


I think its safe to say that Destiny made a huge splash when it finally released, and I also think its fair to say that so far Bungie is delivering on their promise to support the game for ten years. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the game and the franchise as a whole. If you haven’t already given it a try, I highly recommend that you do – if you already have and weren’t impressed, don’t give up on Destiny just yet, I really feel that Bungie is playing the long game with Destiny. I hope to see you online soon!


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