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I love Kickstarter – since Kickstarters inception it’s enabled some amazing products to be brought into mass production that wouldn’t have had the chance to without it. Every now and again there’s a product on there that will exceed their goals and will generate a massive amount of interest – a good example being the Pebble Smartwatch last year. Well I’ve found another game changer and its name is Omni.

Omni enables a full virtual reality experience. VR technology is getting more affordable with headset gaming becoming more and more popular with PC gamers but they’re still left tapping keys on the keyboard to move and shoot. Not any more. Omni looks like a circular treadmill that allows you to run, jump, crouch – just about anything in any direction you want. It’s a healthier alternative to gaming and I’d love to get my hands on one.

the Omni in a front room

You’re supplied with a belt (for extra safety) and special shoes to wear when using the device with special groves and support systems on them to make sure you don’t slip while running/walking on it. It also comes with tracking software and hardware which translates your movements into keystrokes that can be input during the game by the software, leaving you to do what you do best – shoot zombies or fight armies.

As well as using the Omni for gaming, you could also use it for virtual jogging. Imagine being able to go on a morning jog around the streets of Steelport in Saints Row the Third? I know that I’d be more prone to jogging! It also logs how far you’ve jogged and the calories that you’ve burnt.

Omni is on Kickstarter right now and at the time of writing this it has $846, 236 of its $150,000 goal with 34 days left to go. Interested in finding out more about Omni? You can head over to their Kickstarter page or watch their Kickstarter video below. What do you think about Omni? Would you buy one? Let me know in the comments!


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