Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review


octodad 002Octodad for the PS4 is a hilarious, if a little short game which puts players in control of an Octopus posing as a human being. The concept may sound crazy, however its the hilarious game play that will keep you hooked – a great game to break out at a party, especially if you opt to play co-op.


The gameplay mechanics are initially fairly simple, you use the left and right sides of the controller to control the respective appendages of Octodad, the aim of the game is to move from set-piece to set piece by completing a variety of seemingly simple tasks and physics based puzzles – all made more difficult due to the fact that you are controlling a clumsy, flailing cephalopod. even simple tasks such as pouring milk on cereal become a hilarious mess. my only problems with the gameplay is that after a while, it starts to get a bit samey – pouring cereal is replaced by cooking meat on the BBQ, and mowing the lawn is replaced my mopping the floor, after doing these tasks for so long, they start to feel like filler to pad out the already short campaign. The game developers have created a great framework on which the game is built, it would have been nice to see them play with the physics a bit more and offer some more variety.

Graphically the game reminds me of a cartoon, lots of block colours and amusing character designs, with the stand outs being Octodad himself as well as his arch nemesis, the Chef. As far as environments go, the game takes you from your house in suburban USA, to the grocery store and the Aquarium, and even aboard a fishing trawler – I felt that the environments were very well crafted, with each one filled with humorous things to discover, such as hiding in the gift shop of the aquarium, or navigating your way through the frozen food section to find the frozen pizza. Like my earlier complaints however, it would have been nice to see more of the world of Octodad. The levels that are available however are fun to play through and filled with enough collectibles to have you replaying them over and over.

The sound in Octodad is stellar, from the catchy intro song to the hilarious ‘blub blub’ noises that Octodad blurts out (and can somehow be understood by others) the sound work in Octodad really help you appreciate the absolute absurdity of the whole game.

octodad 003

Octodad offers a co-operative game mode in which 2-4 players can each take control of Octodad and try to complete the game as a team, I found that playing 2 player was the most enjoyable way to play and provided more hilarity than playing on my own – theres nothing more infuriating than trying to climb a ladder when you only control the left side of Octodad but it is also a source of a lot of fun. I would encourage those who can, to play the game this way.

Overall Octodad is a very well presented game with an interesting premise. The gameplay mechanics are backed up by an impressive physics engine which does a great job of accurately portraying the absolute chaos of an Octopus trying to masquerade as a human. While the game is a little on the short side, what is on offer is a fun and interesting puzzle game that offers some replay value with the inclusion of co-op play and collectibles.



Octodad is a fun, unique puzzle/ platformer with some interesting game play mechanics

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