No Queues for the iPad Mini Launch!


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The iPad mini was today launched in many countries including the UK and US. Apple prepared it’s stores by increasing staff to deal with the extra customers that it’s used to on opening days – but today was different.

Many stores saw no queue whatsoever, including the flagship Apple store on London’s regent street. The Solihull store had only sold 10 iPad mini’s 4 hours after opening, making this one of the worst product launches that Apple has ever seen – especially as it was also the launch day for the 4th generation iPad.

What’s the matter with the iPad mini? Are people waiting for the reviews before deciding, or did everyone just order one online? Early reviews are claiming that the iPad mini isn’t worth the money. They say that even though the form factor and how it feels in your hands is beautiful, the screen is like 4 iPhone 3GS screens glued together and it lags all the time, especially when loading apps.

This begs the question – why have Apple released a product this bad, so far into 2012? They’re a company that pride themselves on producing products that are near perfection. The answer? They were loosing a massive market to other competitors – they needed a cheaper, smaller iPad on the market and they needed it sooner or later.


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  1. I think apple priced itself out the market here the retail price should of been around £200 at a push. Apple need to wake up and see it competitors are now making similar products which are good cheaper. Whats has apple made which has been different since the Ipad ?. Its products are now seen as too mainstream in my eyes, its lost that special niche which Apple trendy

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