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The future of how we drive is about to change as we know it, and it’s all thanks to Navdy. The company have created an innovative new device, which connects to your phone and projects a special transparent UI onto a screen in front of you. This means you can look at maps, answer phone calls, send texts and even reply to tweets all through this quaint device. They bill it as driving from the future and to an extent, it is just that as it allows the driver the freedom to not only drive safely but to forget about the gimmicks surrounding using your phone during your drive. The product is safe as it is billed as the same technology used by pilots – that’s right, pilots.

How exactly is this all done you may ask? Well, a little projector beam transmits specially designed apps onto the screen in front of you, placed to look like it’s a couple of meters ahead of you in the road. This means you can successfully browse/run errands through your phone while at the same time drive without the fear of your concentration falling. It’s an intelligent idea and almost begs the question “why exactly it has taken so long for it to be fully developed?”. The best thing about it is that unlike many new apps, it works in conjunction with both Android & Apple meaning not many people are left behind (unless you’re unfortunate enough to own a Windows phone!).

It’s technical specs include a 5.1″ wide transparent head-up display (HUD), IR camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, audio via 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth or mini-USB port, internal speakers including noise cancelling, dual core processors running Android 4.4, OBD-II power and date connection to car or PC, it’s 130mm in width, 140mm in depth and 95mm in height. It should also be worth mentioning that it can be both voice and hand controlled with various gestures promptly readily available to utilise.

This innovate piece of technology doesn’t come cheap, it should be noted. You can get 40% off of the product by pre ordering it today for $300 with an early 2015 release opposed to the staggering retail price of $500. It works in every single car and really is the future of wireless driving, and who in their right mind wants to be left behind? You can pre-order it here.


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