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Everyone these days has a case on their phone – I still do a double take whenever I see someone using a ‘naked’ iPhone. Why? Mainly for protection – these aren’t the days of the indestructible Nokia 3410’s! The problem is that there are so many to choose from – different shapes, sizes, designs and perks (remember the bottle opener iPhone case I reviewed? Point made).

What if you know exactly what you want on your case? Well then Mr. Nutcase has you sorted! I got chatting to him on Twitter last week and I’ve been given my own personalised case with The Strand’s logo on it!

Mr Nutcase iPhone Case

The creation process is fairly straight forward on their site – just choose customisation, upload your image and select your phone model – they support cases for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads and Samsung Galaxy’s (not the S4 though, surprisingly!). Once you’ve uploaded your image, just resize the image to fit the iPhone case and you’re done. It’s usually sent out the next working day – mine came within 48 hours.

Mr Nutcase Personalisation Process

The quality of the product is pretty surprising too – in the past when I’ve got personalised cases, I’ve found that they don’t fit my phone properly or they’ll scratch my phone when taking it off. That’s not the case with this one though, it leaves your phone fully protected and fully customised! The price for an iPhone 5 case is £15 which some people may think is a bit expensive for a case, but it does make a really cool and personal Christmas/birthday present.


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