Mophie Juicepack Helium Review: The Supermodel of Battery Cases


Battery cases are the ultimate companion for any smartphone for the simple fact that they have a pretty bad track record when it comes to battery life. Everyone’s been in a situation where you really need to use your phone and oh- the battery’s dead. Mophie have always been a name associated with battery cases and after six years of R&D, nine generations of battery cases for the Apple family and thousands of engineering hours, they were proud to announce the Mophie Juicepack Helium for use with the iPhone 5 & 5s.

The first thing you notice about the Juicepack Helium is how thin it is compared to most other battery cases. You can tell immediately where all those hours of engineering went! In fact, it’s 13% slimmer than the previous generation of Juicepack, measuring at 0.59″ in width. The extra width doesn’t feel uncomfortable in your hands though – it feels secure, mainly thanks to its edge to edge protection. I’ve dropped my phone on more than one occasion with the Juicepack Helium on and there’s just a scratch or two on the case with both the case and phone still working properly.

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The phone is slots into the battery case – something I was initially worried about because in my experience, cases that require you to slot/slide your iPhone results in scratches along the sides or back of the phone. I’m glad to say that’s not the case (get it?) with the Juicepack Helium – its soft silicon-esque inside means your iPhone slots into place and is securely gripped.

One feature I wasn’t expecting on the Juicepack Helium was the forward-ported acoustics that directs your iPhone audio towards you, optimising the playback. That was one of my favourite features of the HTC One M8 and I’m happy I get to experience something similar to it with the iPhone! Like I said, a very unexpected feature but another example of the extensive R&D of the Juicepack Helium.

The Juicepack Helium has a 1,500 mAh battery life – compare that with the 1,440 mAh battery that the iPhone 5s has and you’ve got a lot more battery life for all those selfies! It equates to about 80% extra battery life, more than enough to see you through the day. To charge your phone, all you have to do is flip the switch at the bottom of the case and your phone will start charging!

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It comes with 4 LED indicators to show you how much battery you have left in the case – each LED represents 25% of the battery capacity. You charge it up via Micro USB whilst your phone is in the case, something that you can’t do with a lot of charger cases. The best part is that the case delegates the power to your phone first so it won’t start charging until your phone has 100% battery! It also means that you can charge your phone pretty much everywhere as most people have a spare Micro USB lying around somewhere.


A must have!

I think the Mophie Juicepack Helium is a brilliant companion for any iPhone 5/5s. It gives you an extra 80% battery life while not making the phone too bulky. They're not too expensive either, retailing at £69 in most places or £60 at Mobile Fun!

  • Battery Capacity
  • Look and Feel
  • Extra Features
  • Value for Money

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