Mojang Buyout: Microsoft buys Minecraft Creator for $2.5 billion


After a short rumour period it was finally confirmed that Microsoft would indeed be purchasing Mojang – the creators of the indie smash hit Minecraft.

A recent blog post on the Mojang website confirmed the news citing the main reason as being that Markus ‘Notch’ Persson didn’t want the responsibility of ‘owning a company of such global significance’ and had thus decided to sell to a company that could offer Minecraft the potential to grow that it deserves and Microsoft was the most obvious choice from a ‘handful of potential buyers’. Notch later mirrored these sentiments in a farewell letter on his blog, stating that it was more about his sanity than anything else, it seems the tolls of owning a large company with such responsibility had become too great. He stated that his desire is to get back to developing smaller projects. Notch then added that if he were ever to create something that ‘gained any sort of traction’ he would abandon it immediately, a sad thing as we may never see a project such as Minecraft from the creator ever again. However I suppose that is the whole point. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Notch all the best for the future.


So what of Minecraft? Worryingly it is now in the hands of one of the major platform holders in direct competition with some of the platforms on which Minecraft is currently found. So what about the PlayStation, iOS and Android versions? Well it seems at least for now, nothing will change. On their website Mojang stated there is no reason for the development of these versions to stop – in fact Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division vowed to continue support of every version of Minecraft.

My only hope is that Microsoft sees and develops Minecraft for what it really is, a massive creation tool that has united people the world over regardless of platform. Minecraft is more than a game to many people and it would be a shame to see Microsoft limit its massive potential by making it a PC/ Xbox exclusive, but for the time being at least we can all enjoy Minecraft wherever we are and whatever we play it on.


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