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Anyone that’s got an iOS device – be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch all know the worry that we all share about breaking our beloved (and expensive) devices. Now, Apple devices come with a 1 year limited warranty but that doesn’t help people who have somehow broken their device and it not being covered (usually a broken screen or water damage).

This is where mendmyi comes into play – they offer extremely competitive repair prices for all your iOS devices and have an amazingly fast turn around; I’ve seen people tweet about how they’ve only had to send their device away for 2-3 days before having it back good as new! What if it does take longer to repair? They’ve also got that covered! You can pay a bit extra and be sent a temporary iPhone whilst yours is being repaired (good for all the people like me that would have a mental breakdown without their phones for more than 24 hours).

mendmyi repair menu

mendmyi repair menu

Their website is intuitive and extremely well made. You only have to fill out a series of drop down menus and they will give you an on the spot quote with how much it will cost to repair your device, postage included. If you’re based around their Haverhill premises you can drop it in to them to save the postage fees and possibly get it fixed for you there and then! Good quality service and speed, what more could you ask for?


mendmyi Colour Lab

mendmyi Colour Lab

But that’s not all that mendmyi boast in their repertoire; they also have the Colour Lab – the ultimate in iOS device customisation. You can get your own customised iPad or iPhone for £96 (parts and fitting). I do have to say that it does void your Apple warranty so if you do have to take it to the Apple Store with a problem, you’ll most likely be turned away. They currently support the iPad 2 & 3 and iPhone 4 & 4S with the long-awaited iPhone 5 colour lab coming “very soon” according to their Twitter and website.

mendmyi shop

mendmyi shop

You can purchase Colour Lab vouchers for presents (I know I’d love one!) so if you’re stuck for what to get someone for that special day, they’ve got you covered. They also have an online shop where you can purchase various accessories for your devices from bumpers to your phone to touch screen compatible gloves. There’s also this cool countdown on the shop page which tells you how long you’ve got to order to be eligible for next day delivery!

In terms of customer service, they have a Twitter and Facebook page where they’ll answer any questions you may have and also do giveaways from a Colour Lab’d iPhone to various iOS accessories. The company have had some high quality clients too – Alexandra Burke, Jason Bradbury, Pollyanna Woodward and Stephen Fry just to name a few!


-turns on A Team theme song-

If you’ve got a problem – if no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you can hire – the mendmyi team! 




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