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Hassle, whom many have heard of in and around London for his mix tapes and music videos, has launched a clothing brand – POP. I can already hear you all screaming from your computers “WHAT DOES POP MEAN?!” well, I caught up with the man himself and had a chat about his brand and where its come from.

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POP is short for POP Couture – but not all the usual names in the music industry;

“For somebody like me, I don’t listen to pop music so I couldn’t tell you about Taylor Swift and these funny funny Katy Perrys and whatnot”

Instead of being based on Pop Couture as everyone sees it, it’s based more upon the urban culture of pop with music from unsigned artists from the streets.

He stated that POP isn’t a brand but more of a movement – POP can stand for whatever you want it to stand for. For Hassle personally, he says it stands for Pennys on Pounds or Paper over P*ssy. Other people who have bought into the brand have told him that it stands for something else for them, including;

  • Power of Prayer
  • Pride over Pain
  • Prince or a Pauper

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The brand logo, two hands doing the hand sign for POP means that it is open to a lot of audiences and they can interpret it in their own ways, it’s personal to everyone that purchases something.

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In terms of what’s available, you can purchase a POP hat in almost any colour you want for only £10. Distance isn’t a problem either, it will be hand delivered if you live locally in London or sent via the Post Office if you live anywhere else in the UK. If personalisation is what you’re after for a truly unique touch, embroidery on the hats are available for a small fee – something that varies in price depending on what you want added.

I got my hands on a POP hat and only had it for minutes before I was asked where I got it from – the simplicity of the brand makes it infectious, and the quality of the stitching and the material used to make the hats is unlike anything I’ve ever seen for the price they’re selling at.

That’s not all for POP though – there are plans to expand from hats to Polo shirts, Hoodies and Sweat tops too. To keep up to date with everything POP related, or if you want to purchase your own POP hat, contact Hassle via the following social networks:


Instagram: PapiHassle



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