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It’s about time we revisited some of the brands in our Meet the Brands range and see how they’re getting on. Last week I caught up with P.O.P Couture and spoke about how far they’ve come in the last few months and what their plans for the future are. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that P.O.P has branched out and is running a scheme called People over Poverty.

As you may already know, P.O.P can stand for whatever you want it to stand for – you individually decide what P.O.P is to you. It’s a clothing line from the council estates and tower blocks of East London with a difference. It’s the only independent clothing line out there that wants to give back to the community that it has come from; for every P.O.P hat that is bought, another shall be given to a homeless person. It doesn’t stop there either – for every £90 that is spent on P.O.P products, a sleeping bag will be donated to a homeless person.

POP Products

Here’s some of the P.O.P Couture Range!

Why is this such a unique thing for a clothing line to do? Independent clothing lines notoriously struggle to stay in business – usually making razor-thin profits on sales. P.O.P are chucking that out of the window and becoming a non-profit organisation, doing something positive for the community that they’ve come from. As well as that, everyone likes to do a bit of charity – now fashion and charity can come hand in hand without having to do anything extra!

As well as the People over Poverty project, P.O.P Couture is also expanding its product line. As well as doing wooly hats, they’re also dabbling in iPhone cases and various styles of T-shirt design. Right now all orders have to be done via P.O.P’s Twitter – the online store will be up and running soon, so they tell me. Want to see more of the products in the P.O.P Range? Head over to their Instagram!

I’m glad that P.O.P are doing something different with their clothing line and giving back to the community in a big way, especially as that brisk winter wind swoops in and Christmas draws closer. I urge everyone to get involved with P.O.P and buy a hat – both you and a homeless persons heads will be kept warm in the cold!


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