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As part of my “Meet the Brands” feature, I’m going to tell you about Breaking and Entering; an American clothing line with an interesting twist; it’s not just a clothing line. Breaking and Entering started in 2009 as a running joke between the founders, Allen Halas & Steven Frymark while they were still at school. Both were planning to attend Marquette University in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and joked about doing a college radio show out of their friends’ dorm. The only thing stopping them was they couldn’t think of a name.

A friend suggested “why don’t you call it Breaking and Entering, because that’s kind of what you’ll be doing?” and that’s how the name was born. Since then, they have a podcast which evolved into a college radio show at Marquette, and has expanded into a clothing company. In addition to clothes, they still showcase local Milwaukee talent via their blog and MKE Radio player on their website, which you can access by clicking here.

Operating under the slogan “Music and Shenanigans since 2009” they intend to provide just that in both their clothing line and radio show. I spoke to Allen Halas and he had this to say about the brand;

“We’ve kind of always been able to do whatever we feel like, and that’s really what it’s all about. We’re having fun.” – Allen Halas

In terms of their designs and clothes available, they have a range of T-shirts with various designs available, all for only $15 (International shipping costs a bit extra, but it’s worth it). I got my hands on a Breaking and Entering tee (thanks guys) and the quality is beautiful. The problem with many clothing lines is that they have brilliant designs and logos for their T-shirts, then they use cheap T-shirts to print on. It just ruins the whole image really, a nice design requires a nice quality T-shirt to pull it off and make it worth the money they’re asking for. The designs themselves are (unless I’m mistaken) screen pressed, so there are no worries about it peeling off like some vinyl pressed T-shirts do over time.

If you want to purchase any of their clothes, click here to go straight to their BigCartel website. Alternatively, you can view everything that Breaking and Entering does (radio shows, blog, Artist of the week, etc) by clicking here. Their site is of high quality and I had no trouble whatsoever navigating it and browsing their collection. Want to see some of the designs that they have to offer? Check out the gallery below. I’d definitely recommend Breaking and Entering to anyone, their high quality material and designs along with the fact that it’s not just a clothing line make it unique!



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