Light Bar Decals from Flaming Toast are a Great Way to Customise Your Dualshock 4


I don’t usually customise my consoles, handhelds or phones with decals or stickers, I prefer the stock look of most of my devices – the way they were meant to look. with the PS4 and the DualShock4 the one issue I take with the design is the light bar. Don’t get me wrong I think it is an amazing feature, the ability to use the light bar to log into PS4 and it’s implementation in the Playroom is genius – However, it’s always on and quite bright and distracting (Although an update is coming to allow us to dim the light bar) Enter Flaming toast, a small internet company that produces custom decals for the DualShock 4, instantly transforming it from an annoying distraction into something ultimately more aesthetically pleasing and personal.


The idea is simple, head over to or to their ebay listings and find a logo or pattern you like – or even use your PSN name for the ultimate personal DualShock 4. Once your decals arrive – logos and patterns are available immediately for the most part and custom text etc have a lead time of 9 days as of writing – the process of applying the decal is incredibly simple and there’s even a YouTube video with step by step instructions.

The decals themselves are very well made, the material used matches the controllers colour perfectly and there is a slight texture to the front side of the decal which gives it a more premium feel – rather than just a sticker stuck to the front of the controller. Once applied, the decal will not come off on its own, the adhesive material holds it in place very well. If you mess up with the positioning or just want to remove your decal however, this is a simple process too and the decal comes away with out leaving any residue which was a main concern for me. Another issue I foresaw with the decal is that with most of the light bar covered, will the PlayStation Camera functionality by impaired? The website boasts that the camera will still pick up the light bar without any problems and I can say that this is certainly the case with the Batman logos on my controller, I haven’t been able to test this with decals that cover more of the light bar – however if this did ever become an issue they are easily removed, its something to bear in mind when choosing your decal.


If you’re like me and you don’t go for the over the top, full controller skins that many offer, but you still want to add a personal flourish to your controller, the PS4 light bar decal from Flaming Toast a quality product which has been thoughtfully designed and produced. It is by far one of the most interesting gaming accessory decal products on the market at the moment.


Dualshock 4 Light Bar decals are an excellent way to personalise your controller. With a huge range of decal options and a great price, these decals are one of the best customisation options on the market right now.

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