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Carly Cussen – music video director living in London. She’s worked her way up through the ranks since she was 15 and finally has some power! She’s made videos for various artists, from Lethal B to Lemar! I caught up with her and had a chat.

Hi Carly! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hey, I’m 25, live in London. I’ll give you 5 facts about me;
– I’m dyslexic.
– I love chillies.
– I won’t walk over 3 drains because when I was a kid someone told me that it’s really bad luck.
– My favourite colour is orange.
– I’m actually quite good at climbing (real climbing)It’s going to sound stupid but I love adventure. I trekked through the rainforest!

I do the 3 drains thing too! How weird. How did you get into directing and editing music videos?

Started as a runner. Wanted to be a director from the age of 14, I worked hard and then worked harder.

Dedication! What’s the most enjoyable music video you’ve done, and why was it enjoyable?

Oh that’s really hard! I get asked that a lot. I’d say POW for obvious reasons, but second to that maybe Young Guns. More recently, Lemar and Dot Rotten!

Who’s the biggest name that you’ve worked with?

All time? Tinie Tempah? Hmmm I’m actually not sure! Lately I’d say Dot Rotten. 

 Wow, Tinie Tempa and Dot Rotten! Definitely a claim to fame there. What’s it really like trying to get into the media industry?

Ok so I have this conversation at least once a week. It’s hard… In fact it gets harder every day. More and more people are trying. BUT in the last few years its become so much more accessible. If you REALLY want it… You’ll find a way. At 15 years old I hand wrote to every single production company I could get an address for. I worked for years on NO money just making tea, but patience is a virtue in this game. Keep your eyes and ears open and use every opportunity to learn. They don’t teach creativity in a text book.

Is there any projects that you’re working on at the moment that you’re excited about?

Of course! I write (attempt to write) weekly, and there’s always a video in post production. Dot Rotten – Karmageddon is in the last stages before release!

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for when that comes out! What can we expect from you in the future?

Near future, just more crazy videos; I like to keep my ideas original, so hopefully, something that hasn’t been done yet!

Originality is key! Is there any other kind of video that you want to direct? A feature film, maybe?

I would love to direct a film! Not yet… But one day.

Have you done any high budget shoots?

Well I’ve shot videos for big labels, but I guess in the ‘film’ industry… I haven’t had a high budget yet.

 Where is the most amazing place that you’ve been to shoot a video? 

ICELAND… It was cold but awesome!

So there you have it – a candid view of Carly Cussen’s life in the past, and what she’s up to now. If you want to get in the media industry, it’s hard work but definitely worth it!


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