Getting fraped a lot? KeyCard for Mac is the app for you!


Scouring the web at 3am, I stumbled across a new app for Mac called KeyCard. The idea behind KeyCard is that you pair your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with your Mac via Bluetooth and when you leave your computer, it automatically locks the screen. Then when you come back to the computer it automatically unlocks itself, ready for use. There is also a 4 digit pin to use incase you somehow break your iOS device while away from the computer.

Keycard App Window

I decided to take the plunge and grab the app from the Mac App Store after seeing such positive articles about it. It’s always handy to have a bit of extra security, especially living in a University house where everyone is a victim of a frape (fake Facebook status) if they leave their phones and laptops around unattended.

Setting up was a tad problematic as I couldn’t get my phone to pair to my Mac via the app and had to pair it using the Mac’s bluetooth assistant then select the phone on the app. Once those teething problems were over, I tested it. Obviously with any new app there are going to be a few bugs and problems and there was no exception with this app. The app indeed did lock itself once I stepped away from my Mac and unlocked itself when I came back, but about 10/15 minutes later it would randomly lock and unlock when I got notifications through to my phone.

KeyCard Lock Screen

KeyCard Lock Screen

The only other thing to note here is that obviously having bluetooth enabled on your Mac and iOS device will drain battery life a bit quicker but I think this is a little price to pay for such an innovative idea – I’m quite surprised that Apple haven’t implemented a feature like this into their OS X.

Appuous, the company behind the app, are aware of the existing bugs in the app and have promised that it’ll all be fixed in version 1.1 which will be available soon. Does KeyCard sound like something you’d like to get? You can grab it on the Mac App Store for £4.99 by clicking here. You can head over to the KeyCard website to find out a bit more and also the Appuous website where you can follow their various social networking sites to stay updated on their apps.


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