“KARA” – Quantic Dream demoing Gaming tech of tomorrow


Quantic Dream, the company behind groundbreaking game Heavy Rain (released in 2010) has demo’d the future of motion capture for gaming purposes. The demo introduces us to “KARA” – an android from the future being built and calibrated before going on sale. As the demo goes on, you see KARA start to develop human like emotions and you do empathise with “her”. The demo is so good that (in my opinion) this could be made into a feature film. See the full demo below;

The demo was created using Quantic Dreams advanced motion capture, animation and lighting technology. Creator David Cage has said that the setting and characters seen in the demo aren’t being developed, which I think is an incredibly bad decision on their behalf. KARA looks like it would be an interesting game and one that looks into the future of technology and the state of AI. Could you destroy a robot that had the same thought processes and feelings as you? Hm.

The aim of the video was to demonstrate the amazing technologies that Quantic Dreams wields. They went on to use these technologies to create Beyond: Two Souls starring Ellen Paige and Willem Dafoe – a game with mind-blowing graphics and realistic animation. Both Ellen and Willem are characters in the game with an uncanny resemblance.

With these graphics available on PS3, I’m excited to see what Quantic Dream come up with for use on next generation consoles. Graphics and animations are getting more and more realistic – a great example being RYSE on Xbox One. RYSE has the some of the most amazing facial graphics that I’ve seen on any game!

Gaming companies need to break away from these recurring CoD and Battlefield games and diversify. Create games that provoke thought and emotion. Games like KARA.


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