Just do it for the Vine, Dapper Laughs!


Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock, you would know by now that Dapper Laughs (comedian) has had his show on ITV 2 scrapped and will not be appearing for a second series. The show, ‘’On The Pull’’, has an average viewership of 150k, making it one of ITV’s most successful shows. This once boat entertainer has made his way to the mainstream but now, he wishes it never happened at all.

Dapper Laughs rose to prominence through Vine, the social media app that enables users to record 6 or so second clips and shares them with the world. Vine stars are now making some serious money, one of those being King Bach who stars in TV shows and is endorsed by the likes of Mayweather & Justin Bieber. Social media essentially can transcend your life, but let’s refer back to the topic.

Dapper Laughs also does stand-up comedy and in one of his shows he was recorded saying to a female member of the audience that she was, ‘’gagging for a rape’’, this is absolutely vile and there is no way to condone it… even if it was for comedic purposes. The star has already been under fire from the internet for his so called misogynistic ways due to his content, so he made his life even worse and ITV’s decision that much easier.

This begs the question, should Viners just stick to Vine as their outlet? The same way in which YouTubers have made it to superstardom, should Vine stars be restricted to a mere six seconds a time? Vine isn’t going anywhere, I see a whole host of new vines daily on my social networking feeds and to be honest, it probably makes me laugh more than most things. Dapper Laughs was one of those people because let’s face it, his Vine’s were extremely comedic and he gained a huge following because of it.

However what he promotes is this so called lad culture and in recent weeks we’ve seen the rise of the feminist voice in society. Everything has gone pear shaped for Dapper! It’s not looking dapper but this doesn’t mean Viners shouldn’t burst their creative six second bubbles. Take Jerome Jarre for example, the French Viner who’s been on Ellen, Vined with Beyonce and talked with Squirrels. He’s enjoying the successes of Vine along with many, many others. Comedy will always be big, there’s no doubt about it and Viners shouldn’t be restricted to their social means… if they have a vision, and let’s face it I doubt that final goal is to be Vine famous, then let them achieve it.

Needless to say, it was right for ITV to cancel the show after receiving complaints in the thousands, it’s bad press for them and that is the last thing the company would want leading up to the highly competitive Christmas TV season. Dapper now needs to go back to the platform that made him so successful and continue with it, he will still have a following whether you like it or not.

But appears as if that won’t be the case as the controversial character has announced he will no longer be playing, ‘’Dapper Laughs’’, and will move on from the character he personified. This was brought to light on BBC’s Newsnight where Daniel O’Reily gave an interview to clear the air and most importantly, his name. Although it is an unbearable interview to watch when he is grilled and not really given a chance. Dapper Laughs is now dead and gone, should he have done it for the Vine? It seems so.

At the end of the day, just do it for the Vine, Dapper.


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