Jalousier: The first portable device to automate your blinds!


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I love websites like KickStarter and IndieGoGo, crowdfunding is definitely the way forward for technology innovation (think of products like the Pebble Smartwatch that started on Kickstarter). Every now and again though, I scroll through and see something that I want, nay, need in my life. I’m obsessed with home automation at the moment and the Jalousier looks like a pretty cool piece of tech that needs funding.

Jalousier is the first portable smart device to automate your window blinds. Gone are the days of getting tangled up in the cables in blinds as Jalousier will fit on your existing venetian blinds, automatically adjusting the position of slats according to:

  • Room Temperature
  • Lighting Conditions
  • Changing Weather
  • Time of Day

Pretty cool right? Of course, home automation is something that most people want, not need so what makes Jalousier so great that you should have to fork out for it? Well for starters, it’ll cut down on your need for artificial lighting, cooling and heating by up to 18% – say goodbye to 10% of your gas/electric bill! As well as that, it’ll just save you the hassle of having to adjust the blinds yourself every time the sun comes out/goes in.

Jalousier Prototype (1)

It works automatically with a few simple settings and customisable modes. It can work both as a standalone device or with an iPhone/Android app and even an add-on to ZigBee/Wi-Fi smart home systems. The built-in Wi-Fi means that you can control the blinds from virtually anywhere as well as being able to pair and control several devices all at once – great for windows that need more than 1 set of blinds. They also sync with your phones alarm clock so you can be woken up to sunlight (or pouring rain, which is more likely at the moment in the UK!) and it can also read gestures from your smartphone to “magically” adjust the blinds to your desired position.

“It offers endless possibilities of customisation, like syncing your blinds with an alarm clock, shared access with family, and getting a reminder to look outside to see a brilliant moon or even the first snowfall of the year,” states Sergey Vinogradov, the head of the family team. 

The company is gearing up for full-scale production. The design and production team need your help to make it happen by funding them on IndieGoGo. Limited Launch Day Sale: for $89 you’ll receive a Wi-Fi+ZigBee Jalousier by October, 2014. The campaign has set several stretch goals to give space for Jalousier’s potential – invest more money and you receive more functionality. Make sure you also follow them on Twitter/Facebook for future updates on the project!


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