iT7x2 Review: They’re what all Bluetooth headphones should be like!


The iT7 range was born in April 2012, created by the ex premiership footballer Ian Taylor who played for Aston Villa, Derby, Northampton, Sheffield Wednesday and Port Vale during his career. The original iT7x headphones were used football players in the European Championships in 2012 as well as the X Factor finalists! Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, releasing 2 generations of sports earphones as well as a rebirth of the original headphones: the iT7x2’s.

The iT7x2’s are what a modern pair of headphones should be. The issue that most people have with Bluetooth accessories is the effect that it has on the battery life of their smartphones. There will always be an impact on battery life with using Bluetooth but thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 (which the iT7x2’s are equipped with) the battery consumption is much less noticeable than it used to be! As well as Bluetooth, they come with built-in NFC for simple touch and play connectivity! A great feature to have, especially with the recent boom of NFC enabled smartphones.

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The headphones also have buttons on the side to make it easier to change song/volume when you’re listening to your favourite tunes. It also has a built-in microphone and a multi function button that can be used to answer phone calls. When testing out the microphone we were told on more than one occasion that it was quite hard for the person on the other end of the call to hear what we were saying clearly. Bearing that in mind, we’d recommend the old-fashioned way for phone calls!

The iT7x2’s can pump out tunes for about 22 hours on a single charge and have a standby life of 400 hours! Fantastic for every day use. My favourite feature though? When you’re out and about and the battery dies on your headphones, don’t worry – it comes with an audio cable that you can plug in and use them as wired headphones for as long as you like! Such a small addition but a crucial one for Bluetooth headphones.

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Headphones are no longer only an audio accessory but are instead a fashion statement. Think about Beats by Dre – the headphone quality isn’t great for the price that you pay but no one cares because they see celebrities wearing them/tweeting about them and want to get a pair. Bearing this in mind, it’s important for audio companies to design something that both sounds good and looks good – and I think the iT7x2’s are great example of that, from the packaging to the headphones themselves. You can see that there has been a lot of thought into the small details of the product.

They come in a selection of matte colours and I think it’s the matte that really make these feel like a premium pair of headphones instead of a cheap piece of shiny plastic that so many look like these days. They’re extendable and foldable and come in a hard case for extra protection when you’re not using them. There’s also a fibre cloth in the hard case for you to wipe fingerprints from your headphones – not really needed but it was definitely a nice touch and added to the premium feel! The cans are cushioned so comfort isn’t really an issue either.

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Audio quality – the bread and butter of any audio product. The iT7x2’s boast dynamic noise cancellation and where I can’t say it’s the best noise cancelling that I’ve ever heard after testing it on the London Underground, the quality and volume of the headphones make up for it. I’m a fan of bassy songs and the iT7x2’s definitely deliver on this – I feel like the bass submerges me in the song and brings a new level of enjoyment to listening to my music on my morning commute. It’s not just bass that make these headphones a favourite of mine – they sound equally amazing listening to acoustic songs.

When it comes to the audio, there’s only one thing that bugs me – the volume controls are independent from the smartphone volume controls. This means that you have to adjust both the volume of the headphones and the volume of the input independently instead of the volume of the output being synced with the headphones. It’s only a small thing but it’s definitely food for thought!


Spot on!

I think the iT7x2's are exactly what Bluetooth headphones should be - good looking, long lasting and great sounding. The NFC capabilities really set it apart from other headphones in its category and the option to plug in an audio cable when the battery runs out is such a simple but ingenious feature. You can grab them at UberPhunk and other online retailers for £169.99.

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