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In terms of iPhone/iPad customisation and repair, most people think of one company – MendMyi. I myself had my iPhone re-anodized last year by MendMyi and was amazed by the results but unfortunately, MendMyi is one of only a handful of companies worldwide that can successfully re-anodize iPhone casing. While the guys at MendMyi are great, there are always other options available and iSmash are another great company to consider. Based in London, you can walk into one of their stores (just off Kings Road in Chelsea or in Canada Place shopping centre in Canary Wharf), choose your customisation/repair and they’ll do it for you there and then. As your casing isn’t being re-anodized, it shouldn’t take too long to do either.

The casing and designs available at iSmash are unlike anything I’ve seen other competitors offer. Metallic, shiny cases, diamond encrusted cases, mirror cases, you name it and iSmash will have it. They even had a visit from Ollie Locke the day after he left the Celebrity Big Brother house to iSmash his iPhone! iSmash want to make sure that they only use the highest quality casing available and your phone will, of course, be checked over once any repair/customisation is done.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 16.15.29

Ollie Locke getting his iPhone iSmashed!

Lets talk pricing. It’s a tad more expensive than other services I’ve seen, for example, an iPhone 5:

  • Front Screen – £115
  • Front Screen Coloured – £130
  • Rear Housing – £125.00
  • Home Button – £0.00
  • Glass Panels on Back – £0.00
  • Rear Housing Premium – £499.99

£125 for coloured rear housing, as opposed to £96 from MendMyi. The only real difference is that with iSmash, you’ll be getting a brand new housing – no scratches, dents, etc but with MendMyi, you’d be getting the same housing back along with all scratches (unless you pay almost double for new housing!). It’s a tough choice but I think it comes down to the condition of your iPhone more than anything.

Like I said earlier, iSmash also do repairs as well as customisation for iPhone/iPad. Simply select what you need on their site then either send it in to them or just take it into one of their stores – easy, right? Check out the iSmash website for more details and other services including an iPhone/iPad trade in service, Samsung Repair and Mac/PC repair & tech support. Do also have a look at some of the magic that iSmash have created so far:

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  1. Am not sure if this is the right place to write this comment(?!)but I just want to thank ‘Chris Earl of iSmash, Kings Road, London, for his very good and very helpful service. Thank-you, & + thank-you Chris Earl.

  2. I would be careful. I got a screen repair and the screen stopped working after a week. I went back and all I got was a shrug!!

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