Is Microsoft planning to release Microsoft Office for iOS & Android?


Well, if what Petr Bobek (Microsoft’s Product Manager) has any knowledge of the development of it, the answer is yes. When? March 2013. This is different from what The Verge & The Daily had reported in February this year, penning a November launch. See here a photo that The Daily had posted, saying they’d been sent it directly from a Microsoft Source;

Microsoft Office iPad

A March 2013 launch does make sense, as that’s also when Microsoft are planning to release their latest Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Office 2013. The tablet industry is only going to get bigger, so Microsoft creating an iOS and Android friendly version only makes sense for them – especially with so many third-party apps that allow you to create edit various Microsoft Office document types.

Would you buy Microsoft Office for your iOS or Android device? What would you be willing to pay for it? Let me know in the comments below!


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