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From a young age, Dom Hall has been an avid theatre go-er and performer and is currently undertaking a course in Television and Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth. He’s just begun his radio show and I thought what better way to showcase some upcoming talent than by discussing his new show Mash Up on Pure FM.

As an all round lively and lovely personality as well as a positive spirit and gorgeously smooth voice Dom is an instant attraction to the radio scene and I grabbed my chance with the up and coming star as he begins his journey into the world of Radio and Television.

So, Dom, can you give us a round up of your radio show and what to expect?
The show is literally a mash up of everything and anything that gives you that Friday feeling!! Cheesy music, chart music, trivia, weekly gossip and loads more banter of the week!

What made you want to go on the radio?
I wanted to go onto the radio as my dream and goal in life is to become a presenter and broadcaster. So of course I was willing to grasp any opportunity that could get me closer to my dream.

What are your favourite tunes to play?
My favourite tunes are feel good tunes! Songs that get your feet tapping and put you in that Friday feeling and cheer you up! Chart music, guilty pleasures, general sing-along tunes. I love playing cheesy classics too like Build Me Up Buttercup and of course no show goes by without playing a bit of Steps!

What do you enjoy most about being on the radio?
The best thing about being on the radio is the interaction with the listeners. They usually provide the best topics to talk about and the banter and bounce you get off other people creates a show that they want too.

How do you deal with nerves or moments in between?
As I’ve been a performer on stage since a young age, nerves are something I have become used to dealing with. But I see nerves as a buzz, like an adrenaline rush that help me to perform better! If I didn’t get nervous I think it would be flat and lack energy. But planning on the radio helps with nerves too

What other projects have you been involved in and what have you got lined up?
Being at Uni has allowed me to get involved with loads of projects. I’ve presented many shows here including a Christmas broadcast for the student channel – UPSU tv. I’ve also helped a couple of third years out on their Uni work by hosting and taking part in shows that they have recently done. Both being available to watch on YouTube! And I’ve done a couple of adverts and promos for the Uni too. But as for what’s coming up – you’ll have to wait and see!! Muhaha!

What advice can you give other people looking to head into the broadcasting/radio career?
I literally can only say one thing. Get people to know your name. Talk to everyone and anyone that you think will be able to promote or get you involved with stuff like presenting or camera work. Although a university degree can teach you the skills- it’s the people who will give you the work. Attend any auditions or casting sessions that you can, and grasp any and every opportunity you can to get involved in stuff. Make people remember your name!


Having only just begun the show I can say Dom is a true natural and he makes his listeners feel welcome and at home. Make sure you tune in every Friday at 2pm on Remember to tweet in your requests to @ PureMashUp

You can also catch all the action and television shows broadcast by the University of Portsmouth at


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