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When Injustice: Gods Among Us first launched on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U it offered a robust fighting system crafted by the team behind the Mortal Kombat series and a character roster made up entirely of DC comics characters. This however was not the first attempt at a fighter featuring Batman and Superman, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe holds that accolade. Where it’s predecessor failed however, Gods Among Us was a glorious success. Building on the latest MK engine, the game featured a brilliant and fluid combat system, the fact that you could take on the Joker as Green Arrow was icing on the cake.

Now with the release of the PS4, NetherRealm has released a new version of the fighter, boasting upgraded graphics and all the previously released DLC wrapped up into one big value package. The burning question of course is should you upgrade from the older version to this newer game? Read on for the verdict.

The premise of Gods Among Us is quite straight forward, the game exists in an alternate DC reality, at the beginning of the game the Joker is up to his usual shenanigans and manages to trick Superman into doing something particularly devastating. In the aftermath of his actions, Superman snaps and decides to set up a new world order with him as the ‘leader’. The rest of the story follows a pretty standard DC comic plot line that feels somewhat like a game equivalent to a comic crossover event. Without spoiling too much of the story, the game features an engrossing story mode that sees you playing as many different characters, battling old enemies as well as old friends along the way. NetherRealm has always been good at producing great story driven experiences in their fighting games and Injustice is no exception.

Injustice fight!

The combat system hasn’t changed at all in its transition onto PS4, it’s still a blast to play. Each character feels different and thanks to all the Super Powers, Gadgets and Magic there is a hell of a lot of depth to be found in this game for those who want to dive in and learn all of the intricacies and special moves. For the rest of us the game still has a great system that is pretty easy to learn and isn’t too punishing on easier difficulties. My main problem with the combat is more of a story driven aspect – for example how can the Joker beat Superman? Nevertheless if you can look past that as well as a few minor balancing issues then you’re in for a great time with Injustice. Other game modes include Battle mode and Versus as well as the usual Training mode. One standout mode is the S.T.A.R.S lab which features a number of character specific challenges – these offer an excellent challenge for completion-ists. The game also includes a robust multi-player suite which offers the standard modes typical of most fighting games. The real star if the show however is Survivor mode – in this game mode the winner’s health and character selection are carried over into the next fight until they are defeated and a new winner is declared, at which point their health and character carries on into the next match and so on.

batman vs superman

The main draw for this new edition is the enhanced graphics on the PS4 – While the game does appear to have been polished and optimised for this new system, it doesn’t look leaps and bounds ahead of the PS3, 360 and Wii U versions. The fact that the game runs at a consistent 60 frames per second is very welcome. combat, animations and super moves have never looked better or more fluid than they do running on Sony’s new machine.

Overall, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate edition offers the same great experience as when it was originally released. The upgraded visuals and bundled in DLC probably aren’t enough to justify a second purchase, as most hardcore fans probably already own the DLC. If however you have yet to pick up this game – now is the time to do so, the content and quality of the game on offer make this a must buy.



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