ImagineCustoms PS4 ‘EDGE’ controller gives you the edge you need!


Imagine Customs are a US based customisation service, producing both custom design and performance enhancing controllers for Playstation and Xbox. One thing in particular about Imagine Customs that’s interesting is the story behind how it all started. The company was founded by Sam Vrinios 3 years ago in his bedroom aged only 14. Fast forward to today, they have a store in Florida and they ship their controllers world-wide!

They’ve worked with an array of popular YouTubers and personalities such as KSI, Optic Gaming, Faze Clan, Sourcefed, AliA, KYRSP33DY and many others! Not too bad for a young entrepreneur and a relatively new company, eh?

Amongst various customisation options available from Imagine Customs, the performance enhancing ‘EDGE’ controllers steal the show (not to be confused with rapid fire or aimbot mods that are available from other companies). The technology is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It’s currently patent pending and is awaiting Major League Gaming certification to be used at gaming events!

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So what makes EDGE technology so special? The technology is a performance enhancing one, ensuring the player has added comfort, functionality as well as improved responsiveness and reaction times. There are also 2-4x (depending on your order) tactical buttons that are placed at the back of the pad where your fingers rest, making quick reaction situations no problem. These enhanced features are absolutely vital for First Person Shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield and make a difference to the gameplay.

I put the EDGE controller to the test with the PS4 and in particular on the Battlefield 5 BETA. I played the beta for a few days before I got my hands on the EDGE controller and the gameplay got a bit frustrating at times – an example being collecting money in “Blood Money”. The aim of the game is to collect as much money as you can and take it back to your vault. You collect the money by holding Square but in doing so, you find yourself unable to aim and defend yourself properly!

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I tried it again with the EDGE controller and it was a different experience completely. The controller felt more light and comfortable in my hands. The tactical buttons are a welcomed addition once you’ve got used to using them instead of reaching for the usual ones! Personally it took around an hour of gameplay to get used to them but once you’re used to it, it takes gameplay to another level. Collecting money on Battlefield 5 changed from a stressful experience to a relatively easy one by holding the tactical button with a finger that used to do nothing! It allowed me full use of both thumbs for the analogue sticks!

Even though physically the only addition are the buttons, the gaming experience seems to be more responsive on the whole when using the EDGE controller. I find myself pulling the trigger and wiping out my enemies on Battlefield before they’ve even put their finger on the trigger – it’s a great feeling!

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The EDGE controllers aesthetics measure up to the technology inside. Imagine Customs offers a range of different colours and personalisation options for EDGE controllers. They also boast a design centre where you can design your own Xbox One controller where options include;

  • Add a custom design to the controller
  • Illuminating thumb sticks
  • High gloss finish
  • Add your gamer tag for the ultimate personalisation

The EDGE controllers come in a bit more expensive than regular controllers, but with all the extra technology inside and a custom design, is anyone really surprised? They’re available for order on the Imagine Customs website starting at $149.99 for a PS4 EDGE Controller with 2x tactical buttons! If that’s too much for you, there are other options available – namely sending in your own controller for the EDGE treatment, which starts at only $49.99.



This isn't something you'd need if you're a casual gamer but if you're dedicated to FPS shooters, I'd highly recommend the spend! The controller is comfortable, lightweight and the added tactical buttons give you the advantage over a lot of other players (which is always a good thing)!

  • Extra Features
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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