iCarbons is plotting and wants your input!


iCarbons skin - back

Remember a few months ago when I reviewed the absolutely beautiful iCarbons iPhone 5 skin? Well, the America based company is in the process of creating a new skin and they want the public opinion on what to choose.

Head over to their Facebook page to answer their open question and have your say. The options are the following;

  • Blue Carbon Fibre
  • Pink Carbon Fibre
  • Green Carbon Fibre
  • Purple Carbon Fibre

Even though they don’t have any mock ups of what these skins would look like, you can imagine how beautiful each one of these would be and if the blue or green ones were chosen, I for one would be ordering one!

If you want to have your say, click here to be taken to their Facebook page question! Would you have any other colour skin? Let us know in the comments below!


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