iCarbons iPhone 5 Skin Review – Black with Red Accents


While online a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the iCarbons website and saw the accessories they had for the iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other products and was mind blown. The designs that they were offering completely transformed your device with minimal effort and maximum effect. After contacting iCarbons, I was passed along to Phone Mainiac – the only certified reseller of iCarbon products in the UK. I was sent the most poplar skin for the iPhone 5 – the iCarbons Black & Red skin.

iCarbons Packaging

iCarbons product packaging

First of all, I had to watch a video on YouTube via the iCarbons website showing me how to put each part of the skin on properly – the videos were very informative and helped me put the stickers on. This is coming from someone who struggles to put a screen cover on a phone straight, so I was a bit nervous before hand! All parts are easily detachable from the material they come packaged in, and its very easy to peel off again if you make a mistake and need to re-adjust and they don’t loose their stickiness if you need to re-stick them. I had a bit of trouble putting the Apple logo onto the back as the leaf is tiny and fiddly, but it didn’t take too long for it to slot and stick into place. When it came to putting the side skin on, I was really nervous as that had to be perfect for it to fit around the various buttons and microphones around the phone but once again watching the video and following the steps made this an easy process.

When I put the front skin on, I realised that I had to take off my screen protector in order for it to stick to the phone – this is the one problem I have with the skin. Unless you want to stick the skin onto your screen protector, your screen will have no protection with the skin on and if you’re borderline OCD about scratches on your phone like I am, it killed me. Why don’t you stick it on the screen protector? I hear you ask. You can easily, but if you ever need to change your screen protector the skin will come off with it – if you’re okay with that then by all means go ahead! With the whole application process taking about 20 minutes including watching the tutorials a few times, I was extremely happy with the installation.

Front of iCarbons skin

front of iCarbons skin

In terms of the look and feel of the skin, I was quite worried at first. What if it peeled after using it for a day or two? Well, I’ve been using it for the best part of a week now and it’s all still completely stuck down – no dog ears whatsoever! It feels amazing in your hands. Combined with a naked iPhone’s thinness and form factor with the texture of the iCarbons skin, it really is a thing of beauty. It looks amazing too, especially in the light – the design moves depending on the angle of the light, so it gives the whole phone a 3D effect. The way that all the small parts of the skin are stuck down makes it look like you have a modified iPhone, it doesn’t look like the normal skin/case that you get.

iCarbons skin - back

iCarbons skin – back

I’ve had various comments about how amazing it looks – not only from friends and colleagues but from strangers in the street. I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone stops you to compliment you on your iPhone then that’s a job well done for the company that produced the case for it. There are other designs available on the UK site and if you can’t find one you like on there, you can also check the US site. Just a side note here though – you can purchase from the US site but as they’ll be sending it from America, it may take a bit longer than usual to be delivered! I’ve given it my personal seal of approval and if you were looking for a unique way to identify your iPhone, this is definitely the way to do it!

UK Buyers;

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Still not sold on the beauty that is the iCarbons skin? Check out my full gallery below;


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