How to get iOS8 now (at your own risk!)


WWDC 2014, like its predecessors, didn’t disappoint with a new iOS version announcement. With brilliant features like text quick reply (finally!), widgets in the Notification Centre and HealthKit, not everyone can wait until September/October for a general release. Well I have good news for you – I can tell you how to get it now.

As with any new software announcement at Apple, developers get their hands on a “beta” version of the software early so they can make their apps compatible for when the update is pushed to the public.  Now the beta is usually far from the finished product and there’s always bugs that need to be ironed out – hence multiple beta versions before general release. If you want to install iOS8 and you’re not a developer, here’s how to but do so at your own risk.

Step 1: Download the iOS8 beta for your device. These are -cough- pirated -cough- as they’re only supposed to be for developers, but can be found all over the internet – one favourite being

Step 2: Register your device UDID to a developers account for access to iOS8. You can find your UDID by following this surprisingly simple tutorial. If you don’t know any developers, there are various sites online such as UnlockingShop that will register it for you for a small fee.

Step 2: Make a backup. This is also extremely important incase you want to downgrade from iOS8 back to 7 as any backups you take during your time on iOS8 won’t be compatible with iOS7. I recommend backing up via iTunes instead of iCloud because you’ll always have the backup saved locally.

Step 3: Update! Plug in your iPhone and hold Option key (Shift on Windows) while clicking Update; this will take you to a window where you’ll browse for the iOS8 software you downloaded in Step 1. Locate it and the upgrade will commence!

Step 4: Enjoy!

As I said before, do this at your own risk as it’s not meant for general use but if you’re like me and can’t wait until Autumn for iOS8 to get here, this is how you can experience it!


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