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Anyone living in the UK over the past few days has heard about the scandal that is horse DNA found in burgers being sold in supermarket chains like Tesco and fast food suppliers like McDonald’s. Of course, some are outraged and horrified but there are some people who have seen the funny side to it. Jokes floating around the internet such as;

  • Stop with the Tesco jokes now, my voice is getting hoarse.
  • Horse DNA in Tesco Burgers. Camel Toe in Primark Leggings.

and my personal favourite;

  • Enough about the horse DNA in the burgers, have you heard about the meatballs? They’re the dogs b*llocks.
Trollin' in Tesco

Trollin’ in Tesco

From this, a bunch of teens have decided to troll a Tesco store and dress like a horse and run around looking for their mummy, who is evidently in the burgers. A funny twist on a serious story, it definitely made me chuckle! Check out the video of their antics, it’s a lot funnier than it sounds!

(Sorry it’s not embedded, it’s a Facebook video!)


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