Guitar Bazookas and Super Heroes – Saints Row 4 Release Date Announced


Violation and QuickSilver, the creators of the Saints Row series have just announced the release date to the “climatic” Saints Row 4. Is this the end of the Saints Row Series? The trailer would suggest so, but it’s definitely going out with a bang.

To add even more madness to an already crazy game, the main character seems to have some super human abilities (my inner nerd is going crazy right now). That’s not all that’s new though – the guns, which seem to get more crazy with every generation of the game, have not disappointed with this release. A guitar bazooka and a gun that makes peoples heads explode? I’ve got a feeling that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this game.

If you think that Saints Row 4 looks familiar, you’d be right. Saints Row 4 was originally going to be a DLC Pack for Saints Row 3 called Enter the Dominatrix, but was upgraded into a full game just months before THQ’s bankruptcy.

Saints Row 4 is due to be released on 23rd August 2013, so only a year and a half after its predecessor – I hope it doesn’t mean smaller maps as I loved the size of the maps and general gameplay in Saints Row 3, making it one of my favourite toilet humour gangster games of all time. Are you excited by this announcement? I know its made me dig out Saints Row the Third and want to run around with a giant dildo hitting pedestrians and police. Let me know what you think in the comments below or via Twitter!


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