GTA V Gameplay Revealed!



Fans of the GTA franchise, and those waiting for 5 in particular, have been waiting for a gameplay video for a long time. Up until today there have only been dramatic trailers with no actual gameplay. Todays gameplay video gives a background on the 3 (yes, 3) main characters in the game as well as some of the many things that you can do. From bike riding to Golf to robbing bank vans and planning bank heists, GTA V has got it all. Without further adieu, here it is;

I especially love the ease of switching between characters during missions and it also looks like the aiming system has got a massive overhaul. That with the ability to jump between characters at any time and GTA Online means that I’m more excited than ever for GTA V’s release on September 17th. Who needs an Xbox One or PS4?


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