A Trip to the Google Web Lab at the Science Museum


Upon entering the Science Museum in London’s South Kensington, I discovered that the basement had been remodelled and a Google Web Lab had been installed. It was in a private BETA stage for months until October 2012 when it was launched to the general public where anyone can come along and play.

You’re given a “Lab Tag” on entry to use

When you enter the basement and walk towards the Web Lab, you can hear music. Once you enter you’re given your own pass that you can use on each machine to store what you create. When you go home you can go to their website, scan your pass and access everything you made. There are many “experiments” that you can have fun with, including creating your own music and even having a robot sketch your face into sand. With this being Google, its heavily integrated with the internet in a fascinating way. Anyone on the internet can access the experiments and interact from home, while seeing you in the museum. They can create the music that you hear, have their faces sketched and more – a slightly surreal experience when you think about it; being connected with complete strangers all over the world.

Words can’t really describe how fascinating the exhibit is and even though when I went some machines were out of order, I’d definitely recommend heading down to the basement if you’re in the Science museum. If you want to find out more, click here to go to the Web Lab website, and below is the introductory video for the exhibit in the Science museum.



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