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Google Now for iOS

Google Now; one of the flagship features of Androids 4.1 Operating System otherwise known as Jelly Bean. It’s integrated into Androids software and is your personal assistant with all the information you need, exactly when you need it. It learns your habits and what information you look for most and will display it for you automatically. For example, if you’re always searching for the weather, it’ll have it displayed automatically. There are many other, more amazing features to it though and it looks like it might just be brought over to Androids main competitor, iOS.

A video was allegedly posted on the official Google YouTube channel last night debuting the iOS version of Google Now, displaying at the end “The Google Search app with Google Now”. Of course, this was released prematurely and was taken down within hours of being posted – but it was too late. Many had saved the video and reuploaded it to their own YouTube channels for all to see. Lucky for us, we’ve got it here;

As you can see from the video, all the cool features that Google Now has on Android will be ported to the iOS version. We can’t get our hopes up too much though. Google Now is one of Androids Flagship features – would they really port it to Android? They could’ve been planning to, but since scrapped the idea hence why we’ve never seen the advert before and the feature hasn’t made an appearance on the Google app. Heres to hoping though, as Android fanboys say that it really is an amazing piece of software! Would you use Google Now? Or would you stick to good ol’ Siri, a virtual assistant that has never let anyone down (awkward). Let me know in the comments below!


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