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Google Glass; the brainchild of Google has been generating a lot of excitement in the tech community since it was announced in August 2011, and they’ve been teasing them with us a lot since. Google have recently posted a video of what the Google Glass experience will be like once they’re on sale later on this year.

Some developers got early access to the Google Glass to start making apps for the device (for the hefty price of $1500 may I add). One app that’s been developed by Srihari Nelakuditi at the University of South Carolina is called InSight. It was partly funded by Google so compatibility wouldn’t be an issue, and works by detecting the clothes that your friends are wearing in big crowds without them even facing you.

It uses a smartphone app to take photos of what your friends are using, then generates a spatiogram – a file that captures colours, textures and patterns of their clothes. This information is then used to detect them over long distance and weird viewing angles. In early tests, it picked out the right person in a crowd 93% of the time, even when the person wasn’t facing the Google Glass headset – perfect for nights out in nightclubs, or at gigs/festivals.

Obviously, it’ll only work with the clothes that they are wearing so if they get changed, you’ll have to get snapping once again. That shouldn’t be a problem though because most people don’t get changed half way through the day. It doesn’t really matter if they did because the files are only temporary for privacy issues, so you’ll have to resnap every time you want to use the app.

Are you excited for the release of Google Glass as soon as Q4 of this year? I’m as excited as Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg who told Sergey Brin “I can’t wait to get my own” but with reports that the Google Glass will cost a whopping $1000 (£750), are they killing their chances at success with it? Let me know in the comments section below.


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