Goodmans Base Review: Base is an expensive all-in-one speaker system with a cheap price tag!


Goodmans have been creating entertainment technology since the 1920’s, dabbling in everything from Loudspeakers to Car Audio to Digital TV. Their mission is to bring innovative products within everyone’s reach and it looks like they’re keeping up with that trend with their latest all in one sound system, the Goodmans Base. Released on 1st October 2014, the Base looks to be one of the best soundbars in its price range. Why? Well, let me tell you..

The Base has been designed with limited space in mind. Not everyone has the space for a Soundbar in front of their TV – and that’s where Base comes into its own. It’s hard top allows you to place your TV on top of it, utilising the space without affecting the quality of the audio or damaging the system itself. This isn’t a feature I’ve seen a lot with soundbars and I cant help but wonder why not? The best part is that it looks good sat underneath your TV –  I’d even go as far to say that it looks like it belongs under your TV.

The beautiful, sleek all in one encases 6 speakers, delivering 100w of audio via a 4.2 channel. What does that mean to people who know nothing about audio? It means that the Base will deliver room filling, exceptional audio that’ll immerse you in the latest blockbuster. You’ll feel like you’re there alongside Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street! Cinema style audio is guaranteed with built-in, patented Dirac HD Sound technology that has been tuned specifically for Base.

Goodmans Base

I must say, the Base does deliver on audio quality. The sound is crystal clear and with the ability to manually adjust the base and treble, you’ll find the perfect setting in no time. With the lack of a separate Subwoofer (unlike most other Soundbar’s in its price range), I wasn’t expecting a lot when it came to playing music but I was pleasantly surprised. While it doesn’t kick like a 17-year-old boy racers car might, it certainly holds its own even with more bassy songs! The Base was designed to take up as little space as possible and to negate the need for lots of wires so I can see why it vouched against a separate unit! Saying that, it doesn’t need one anyway.

I haven’t even mentioned the actual volume of the system yet. With the 6 speakers and 100w combined output, you could have a party using only the Base! It’s a lot louder than standard TV speakers and similar Soundbar’s – a lot of others have a 60w output until you hit the £200 mark! The crucial point isn’t sheer volume but the quality at high volume. It sounds as clear quiet as it does loud with no distortion from bass, something that usually happens.

Something that the Goodmans Base isn’t short of is the amount of wired connections it supports; 3.5mm jack in, RCA IN, Digital Optical Input and Digital Coaxial Input. The variety of connections mean that it can be used with a variety of TVs, old and new. That’s something that comes as standard in high-end systems but it isn’t something that manufacturers usually include in a sub £200 model. That means there won’t be a repeat of a situation that my brother was recently in – he bought a new soundbar for his TV, got home and realised his TV doesn’t have a Digital Optical Output! His £180 soundbar didn’t have any other wired options apart from a HDMI input. Gutted!

Goodmans Base (corner)

Base spoils you with connection options – as well as the wired connections I’ve mentioned, it also comes packing Bluetooth & NFC one touch capabilities! That means that if I get bored with listening to the shooting, screaming and explosions of CoD, I can easily connect my phone and cleanse my soul with a bit of music. It’s a great feature that’s making its way onto more and more soundbars as time goes on. It negates the need for a separate iPod dock/Bluetooth speaker and sounds beautiful, especially if you stream at 320kb/s on Spotify like I do!

Goodmans Base is essentially a high-end all in one speaker system without the £400+ pricetag. The audio quality is nothing short of amazing and with the built-in Dirac HD Sound technology, it’ll fill the room with sound and immerse you in what you’re watching. The variety of connections mean it’ll work with a lot of different TVs both new and old and the fact you can put your TV on top of the system with no repercussions is just the icing on a beautifully made cake. You can get this beautifully made cake for only £169.99 now on the Goodmans website!


I can't believe the price!

The Goodmans Base, honestly, should cost more than it does. The quality of the audio and the variety of connections available (including Bluetooth/NFC) make the Base the top contender for all in one systems in its category. I'd switch my 5.1 surround sound with this system in a heartbeat!

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