glh. launches free BT Wi-Fi in all its hotels!


Thistle Free Wi-Fi

glh. (Global Hotel Company) has partnered with BT to supply free, unlimited, one click Wi-Fi in all its hotels for all guests and visitors. The revelation comes after independent research has found that Wi-Fi is as important to hotel guests as a good nights sleep – shows how times have changed, eh? Demand for Wi-Fi in hotels is rising, with Thistle guests powering through a whopping 1 billion minutes of internet usage in 2013.

Everyone these days has a smartphone/tablet – with 2.4bn smartphone users by 2015, the importance of a strong, reliable (and free) Wi-Fi has never been more crucial to guests. Not to mention that free Wi-Fi would entice people to stay in that hotel as opposed to another company that charges £5-10 a night for (usually terrible) Wi-Fi. glh. has taken the lead with upgrading its Wi-Fi service, becoming BT’s biggest user of free Wi-Fi. They now offer fast and free Wi-Fi in all bedrooms, lobby areas and meeting rooms for any visitor of glh. hotels.

Mike DeNoma, CEO of glh. said:

“No registrations, no limitations and no fine print, just fast, free unlimited BT Wi-fi. Investing in cutting edge BT technology to ensure that anyone visiting our hotels has access to free, fast, and one-click to connect Wi-Fi is a long-term investment in customer loyalty. Strong, unlimited Wi-Fi across our properties is what keeps our customers connected.”

Erik Raphael, Director, BT Wi-fi said:

“The rise in popularity of smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled devices means that consumers want to be able to get online anywhere. glh. is revolutionising the modern hotel industry and technology will continue to play a key part in differentiating the discerning hotel guest’s experience. We’re delighted to be playing a fundamental role in improving the experience for their customers.”

So, what do you think? Would the idea of fast, unlimited Wi-Fi entice you to stay at a glh. hotel? I’ll be heading to one over the coming weeks to test out their new Wi-Fi service, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook/Twitter for more updates!


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