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The residents of Dunwall, where Dishonored is set, have an amazing life. Plague infested rats running through the city, slowly wiping everyone out. Then, to top it off, Heiress is killed and a mad man is in power. That’s where Covano Attano (Corvo for short) comes into it. The main character, Royal Protector to the Empress of Dunwall and her daughter Emily.

Corvo is framed for the murder of the Empress and is to be killed for his crimes. He escapes and joins a following called The Loyalists, a group that knows that Corvo didn’t kill the Empress and want to get her daughter Emily into power.

Background of the game set, let’s jump into it. What’s the game like? It’s a cross between Assassins Creed and Prototype. You’re an Assassin with a series of powers that range from summoning rats to kill your enemies to “Blinking” where you teleport in the blink of an eye.

Each level has a series of choices that you can make – you can go in all guns blazing, with duel wielding a sword and a weapon or power of your choice, or you can sneak around. There are so many ways to get to each place if you take the time to study the area, and the walking patterns that the guards have. You can upgrade your powers to make the bodies of the people you kill disintegrate as you kill them, which makes it easier to sneak around without them raising the alarm upon finding a dead body.

As well as the main mission on each level, you’re faced with optional missions (which depending on the level can make your main mission easier). I’d always advise doing the side missions as it makes the gameplay a lot more fun, because once you’ve completed the game that’s basically it – you can replay missions, but there’s no free play mode like in other games. There are also collectables on each level that you can find; Runes which you use to upgrade or get new powers, and Bone Charms, which give you supernatural benefits throughout game play.

In terms of weaponry, there is quite the variety. You have a crossbow with the option of normal bows and incendiary bows, which are quite quiet. You also have the pistol, which isn’t really a pistol, more of a double barrelled shotgun – lethal up close, but makes a hell of a noise. Definitely avoid that one if you’re sneaking around. You also get grenades, and a Spring Razor mine, which rips your enemies to shreds when it explodes. Gruesome stuff.

Talking of gruesome stuff, the game is extremely graphic. You can chop people’s heads off, and you see the head roll off. Shooting people’s heads off with crossbows or a pistol? Got that too. You can slit throats, stab people in the heart – you name it, you can probably do it.

I’ve spoken about the different aspects of gameplay, but have left out the enemies that you will find on the way. This is where the game really gets interesting. You have so many different types of enemies, from Tall Boys with their incendiary bows to the Overseers that take your powers away from you when they’re close. Even the foot soldiers have different qualities; some are better swordsmen, whereas some are slow but have heavy armour. You have to plan how to take an enemy out, each have their strengths and weaknesses and the fun part of the game is finding out how to kill them all quickly and quietly.

Dishonored is an absolutely amazing game with a gripping storyline. It isn’t a game that you’ll complete easily, and are a lot of tactics involved. I’d definitely recommend this game, and even go as far as to say it’s in the top 5 games that I’ve played in 2012. It’s available from all good retailers, and is available on PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC. Have you played Dishonored? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!


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