Golfing just got technical with the Game Golf!


Sports from around the world have taken the first few steps into combining the innovations of technology with the beauty of the game, the prime examples being Adidas’s MI chip, Nike’s Fuel Band and now, Game Golf.

Imagine playing golf in a world where every stroke, hit and tee can be measured, recorded and categorised to ensure you can improve on your game whilst also comparing your hits with those of professional golfers. That time is now as Game Golf is primed and geared up to analyse every one of these aspects, even enabling you to compete with friends in the comfort of your own time.

This new device will guide all budding golfers to unlock their true potential and brings the sport into the 21st century. It is no wonder it is already used by Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk. This essentially is teaching experience on a whole new level. Game Golf have partnered with the PGA Tour of America which means the same training the experts get, you can now possess.


What this means is that now you can focus on what truly matters, the game and playing. The unique tags clip onto each of your clubs before you take that integral swing. It even logs the club and where on the course you have used it. This means the game is now visualised like never before, comparing results, monitoring trends and most importantly, a motivational tool. The results are presented in a way, which educates, not just illustrates.

Graeme McDowell says, “The GAME GOLF platform is right at the cutting edge of data capture. It amazes me just how great the feedback is that you get out of it. I can share my rounds of golf all over the world via Twitter and Facebook and let’s be honest there’s nothing quite like that in golf today.” Social Media and golf, who thought they’d see the day.


And if that hasn’t convinced the golfer in you, the world’s most powerful man Barack Obama was spotted using this device to improve his own golfing game. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you’re a better golfer than the president of the United States? The device is available from Golf Online for only £159.95. For more info, check out the Game Golf website!


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