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As the more technical of us already know, the Samsung event where they’ll be announcing the next generation of Galaxy S today (tonight for us in the UK, not starting until 23:00!). There have been rumours about its specs on the internet over the last few weeks, with high quality images leaked online today and even a video of some of its more amazing features. With all this information floating around, I thought I’d sum it all up here!


Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked image

Leaked images supplied by Chinese blog

According to most leaked images, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will look a lot like its predecessor, the S3. Its form factor is generally the same with its curved edges; disappointing to those hoping for a new look like the jump from the S2 to the S3. The screen is set to be a bit larger though, touting a 5″ screen and just 7.7mm thin, just 0.1mm thicker than its main competition, Apples iPhone 5.

Hardware Specification

According to many blogs on the Internet, the S4 will come with;

  • 5″ Screen
  • 7.7mm thick
  • 8 core processor (it’ll turn off cores not in use to conserve battery power)
  • 13MP back camera with dual flash
  • 2MP front camera
  • 4G/LTE

Software Specification

The S4 is set to be shipped with Androids 4.1 “Jelly Bean” operating system – which, if true has been the point of ridicule from Phil Schiller from Apple earlier on today (Apple usually releases a new iOS with every new model of iPhone packed with new features).

New features that are said to be included are quite amazing though. One feature that has been leaked online today is “floating touch” – you can hover your finger on the screen to select something without tapping on it. Brilliant if you’ve got greasy hands after eating! Here’s a video demo by YouTube user istevencom;

As well as floating touch, Samsung have also added some other cool features;

  • Smart Pause – videos will pause when the phone detects that your eyes aren’t looking at the screen.
  • Smart Scroll – when you’re getting towards the bottom of the screen reading a text/article/whatever, the phone will automatically scroll down for you.

Heres a video of Smart Pause in action, again by YouTube user istevencom:

Of course, these are only rumours and no one will actually know what features Samsungs new flagship device will have until they announce it later on today. What features would you like to see? Do you think this is an iPhone killer? Let me know in the comments below!


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