Flux Audio MagBuds Review – the headphones that just won’t tangle!


Flux Audio have done something that for years scientists thought was impossible. They’ve created the first pair of earphones that don’t tangle up in your pocket – I know, I know, you’re probably thinking what we first thought but they really do work! How? As the name hints, they use magnets. Magnets are the key.

From the jack to the earbuds themselves, the cable is lined with tiny circular magnets that will stick together when close which stops them from tangling in your pocket when you’re not using them! It’s really simple when you think about it. It does come with a slight downside too though; when we were using them, we found that the magnets would stick together when using the phone that the headphones were plugged into (because the cables started to twist as you lift the phone out of your pocket). It’s only a slight problem, but one that did get annoying after a while of use.

Flux Audio Black MagBuds

The earbuds themselves come with 3 ear tip sizes to make them as comfortable as possible – it’s pretty difficult to make a universal earphone that fits perfectly in everyone’s ears and Apple is the only company to have pulled that off successfully with their earphones. There’s only 1 thing that we’re not too sure about with the earbuds and it’s the fact that there are no preset Left and Right ears. For some people, this wouldn’t be a problem at all but for those of us that like to check which earphone is what before putting them in, it’s a bit weird. It has it’s up side though – because there aren’t specific sides to put them in, you can switch what side the controls and microphone are on to suit you.  The back of the earbud has the Flux Audio logo on it which is actually a pair of headphones made out of a magnet. It’s a small detail but pretty cool nonetheless.

Flux Audio Black MagBuds

The cool thing about these earphones is that once you’re finished with them, you have the option to wrap it around your wrist and change it into a bracelet – handy if you don’t have a bag/pockets. It doesn’t stop at your wrist though, you can easily wrap it around almost anything and they’ll stay in place (thanks to those magnets!). The cable is 1.2m long so you could even wrap them around an iPad when you’re not using them.

Flux Audio Black MagBuds

This wouldn’t be a review of earphones without talking about the audio quality. Now, these are $69 so you can’t be expecting the same quality as a pair of Bose or Dre Beats headphones. That being said though, they can still hold their ground against other earphones in a similar price category. The bass isn’t as deep as we’d like it to be but that can be changed by using the EQ built into the iPhone or you could download one for other OS’s (Android, Blackberry, etc). Apart from that though, they’re pretty loud and the quality is good, especially when listening to acoustic music. Beautiful. We did notice that if you used an ear tip that wasn’t the right size for your ear then the sound quality goes down a bit so make sure you try all 3 sets to get the perfect fit!

Flux Audio Black MagBuds

The Flux Audio MagBuds are a pretty cool set of earphones and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that didn’t want to spend £100’s on a pair of ear/headphones. The magnets are a cool feature and it does stop your headphones from tangling so if that’s a problem you find yourself in quite often, these are your solution. There are volume controls and a button to answer/end calls with a built-in microphone so you don’t need to take out the earphones when getting a call. The controls/mic are supported not only on iOS but Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone too – that’s something you don’t see very often. If you like the sound of these earphones (see what we did there?) then head over to the Flux Audio site and get your orders in – at only $69, they’re a bargain!


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