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Ever had that problem where you’re listening to music and a song you hate comes on, but you’ve got so many programs open that you can’t find the music player to change it? Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on Flutter for a while now and its finally out of its beta stage. Flutter uses your webcam to recognise gestures used to control various programs for both Windows and Mac. Want to pause the song? Hold your hand up. Want to skip backwards or forwards a song? Stick your thumb out in either direction. It’s that simple! It also has a plugin that you can install on Google Chrome to control video players such as YouTube. Handy, eh?


The company are said to be planning more gestures and they regularly release updates improving the accuracy of the app so it’s improving all the time. How cool would you feel, sitting with your friends and controlling the music without even touching your computer? You’d be the Tony Stark of your clique, and everyone wants to be Tony Stark deep down. How does it work? I hear you ask. Is it a person watching you from Flutter HQ waiting to control your music? No, not quite. The guys at Flutter drew a diagram on their website to explain;

Flutter How it works

It’s just like The Matrix

Obviously, it’s not accurate 100% of the time. Sometimes it doesn’t respond, or it’ll recognise a gesture when you haven’t actually done it but it’s easily disabled though if it gets on your nerves. For something this cool that’s taken so long to create, you’d expect the price tag to come with it too, right? Wrong. It’s free and you can grab it for both Windows and Mac on their website here. Have you used Flutter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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