Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD comparison video released – pre orders now available.


Since the E3 announcement in 2011 fans of the Final Fantasy series have been eagerly awaiting the HD re re-release of Final Fantasy 10. A game that holds a special place in the hearts of many fans of the series. We waited extremely patiently for any kind of information about what to expect. There were no trailers, no release dates not even a rough price. There were even crazy rumours that Square were going to reinvent the game completely.


Well Square have since announced that the game will come joint for PS3 users with the sequel Final Fantasy X2 (sold separately for PS Vita). Our prolonged patience has now further been rewarded with a brand new trailer comparing the improved visuals to the standard definition of the original PS2 game, which look incredibly impressive. Considering how huge this game is, plus the addition of cross save continuation between the PS3 and Vita versions (If you are wealthy enough to buy the game for a second and third time) it is no surprise that it has taken so long to remaster.

Of course we are very grateful for this information, however a concrete release date is still unknown. Square maintain that it is to be released in 2013. With the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD release set for September an estimate of somewhere near Christmas shouldn’t be too far wrong.

If it doesn’t seem strange that you can now pre-order a game that was released ten years ago, you can do so at There are also wallpapers to download and information about the two games.

ffx-hd-x2-limited-edition (1)

For those who expect more than just to re buy a game they played ten years ago, Square have announced a special edition version of the collection for PS3 which includes a hardback book of production artwork and commentary from the original development team. There are however no details on when the special edition can be pre-ordered or how much it is going to cost, this is despite the announcement image stating the upgrade to limited edition is free with pre-order. I urge anyone who has not yet played the games to really give this one a go, it is a classic.

Watch The Comparison Video Here!


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