Final Fantasy XIV Beta available on PS4


If you’re a PS4 owner and have been looking forward to the next big MMO from Square Enix, today is your lucky day. The first phase of open beta testing for the game begins today and lasts until the 3rd of March! The beta application is available to download now from the Playstation store, it’s quite a large download so be prepared to wait a while.

FF World

Explore the beautiful Eorzea on PS4!

The Playstation 4 version of a realm reborn will join the already released versions available on PC and PS3, and the best part? when it releases on PS4 in April, you’ll be able to play with users who are already enjoying the game on PC and PS3 as a Realm reborn fully supports cross platform play.

I’ve managed to play a couple of hours of the beta so far, and I will be putting together a more comprehensive preview piece but I’d like to offer some of my initial thoughts while they are still fresh in my head. When you start the game for the first time, you are asked to create a character and then choose a class, starting city and ‘world’ which is the games name for server. The games character creation system doesn’t boast as much customisation and options as many other titles in the genre, but it does a decent job of allowing you to create an avatar for yourself that looks right at home in the Final Fantasy universe.


The opening moments of the game change depending on which race and starting city you chose, my character started on a wagon heading for the forest city of Gradinia. The opening dialogue seeks to give you a little background on the current state of the world and what your role as an ‘Adventurer’ will be. Once you are given full control of your character you embark on a number of quests which serve as the tutorial, and for the most part they do a great job of gradually introducing you to the various controls and game mechanics, what stood out for me was how well the developer was able to translate the PC mouse and keyboard controls over to the Dualshock 4 – of course if a mouse and keyboard is more your thing, you can simply plug them into your PS4 as an alternative means of control. Moving aromund the world and interacting the various NPCs and quest givers is intuitive and works really well when using the DS4, a nice little added feature is the ability to use the Dualshock’s touch pad as a mouse, making selecting characters or items even easier.


After a few fetch and deliver quests you are sent out into the wilderness to start the typical MMO quest trope of ‘kill x number of creatures a,b and c’ and for the most part the combat works really well, holding either L2 or R2 brings up a respective hotbar, each containing different actions that can be performed by pressing the face and directional buttons. This is where my experience so far with the beta ends, in future posts I will be talking about the different races, classes and starting areas of the game and trying to give more in depth impressions of the game as I play more of it. Until then, to try it for yourself just head over to the Playstation store and download the beta now! happy adventuring.


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