FIFA15 Review: The best football game just got better!


The latest addition to the FIFA series is finally here! FIFA 15 not only boasts to have immense graphics and emotion but have also introduced several new features including AI updates, enhanced cloth technology and improved team management!

With over 600 new emotions players will react to almost every aspect of the game, from Crunching Tackles to missing that last minute sitter to grab your team 3 points! You can see the frustration flowing within the player by their body language and facial expressions. Each player also has their own attitude, not only towards their opponents but their teammates too!

Match Day has been handed a great improvement compared to its predecessor, From the cheers of nodding home a first time cross, to the sighs of fans when smashing the ball wide. With interactive commentary, newly improved bench reactions and the long awaited goal line technology, this gives FIFA 15 the perfect representation of the best sport in the world.


Team management has been totally revamped in its layout, making it much more user-friendly. It has the usual formations and roles you’d come across in a football game, however now you can now take total control of the pitch with pre-defined tactics like ‘high pressure’ and ‘counter attack’ just to name a few. Don’t like those? You’re in luck, you can also create custom tactics. One of my favourite features has got to be player instructions, take Sanchez from Arsenal for instance; as a winger he has 5 categories to customise – ‘Defensive Support’, ‘Chance Creation’, ‘Support Runs’, ‘Support on Crosses’ and ‘Positioning Freedom’. EA have intelligently adapted FIFA 15 team tactics to the real world by adding the option to ‘park the bus’ or go ‘all out attack’ which can come in handy if you want to annoy your friend online.

With the new FIFA 15, goalkeepers have been given a massive 50 new save animations and an AI update. One improvement are reactions with keepers adjusting their movement or throwing out a quick hand/leg to become a hero. Another aspect is their better decision-making where keepers are supposed to be more aware of the trajectory of the ball when given a through ball, cross or corner. However, I’ve found the goalkeepers are prone to making mistakes too often, which could cost you that promotion in Seasons due to Joe Hart’s fumbling around with the ball!


Next Gen models have arrived! EA have created an unimaginable player model to make players feel much more athletic and dominant with stunning facial detail. Another impressive feature of the player visuals is that kits move dynamically and react with the environment, becoming stained with mud as your player slides to make that all important challenge!

Love the Barclays Premier League? Each and every stadia in the BPL has been represented, from Liverpool’s Anfield to Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park. You can feel the stadium come to life, bringing more emotional depth to the gameplay experience. Pitches wear down as you tread across, consisting of boot and slide tackle marks. EA have surely created the perfect home experience with little details like corner flags moving with the wind, and lifting the goal frame with powerful shots!

Spain's national football team players c

Remember Gareth Bale’s wonder goal against Barcelona in the ‘Copa del Rey’ Final? That all becomes possible with the improved agility and control. Leave players in the dark as you shift into top gear and tear down the wing with the new close control and touches giving you that upper hand when you need it! With an overhauled dribbling system it’s much easier to cut in and make diagonal runs, making the defence look like a total train wreck.

EA have introduced an enhanced cloth technology with shirt pulling (to claw back that pacey striker one on one with your keeper), big fall physics, new shoulder barges and tackles; this should make you feel more in control – however, that isn’t always the case. With the new dribbling system it feels like your defence is somewhat like a Sunday league team, with players taking silly touches and not being able to deal with any type of speed which can become increasingly frustrating.

FIFA15 Match Day Live Hub

Match Day Live hub has been redesigned and improved to keep you in touch with your club at all times! The hub gives you the option to check the next up and coming fixture and also will take you into a kick-off match to play your opponent! Love it. You can check out your teams form, top scorers, injuries and suspensions. Keep up to speed with the rest of the premier league with a simple league table and top league scorers.

Whilst playing FIFA 15, I came across a few glitches/bugs. The first one is when I was relegated on Ultimate Team Seasons – I won 3 consecutive matches and after I finished I was treated to 3 DNF’s (which lead to losses) and was relegated with 2 games remaining. Furthermore, there’s also a bug when taking corners/free kicks where it can accidentally choose your goalkeeper to take it.

To wrap things up, FIFA 15 is definitely a ‘must buy’ game. The best feature hands down has got to be the insane dribbling; skipping past players has never felt so good. However, there is one thing that is very troublesome about FIFA 15. With the PS4 version, I have been told that when connecting to the EA Servers it can cause a considerable amount of lag to the game, making all menus and gameplay lag until you disconnect from the servers. The only way I have found to solve this problem is to manually disconnect from your network on the console then reconnect and sign back into the EA servers until it stops the lag, nevertheless I’m certain that this will receive an update to combat it!



FIFA 15 is a great addition to the beloved FIFA collection. The tweaked game mechanics and added features makes gameplay more fluent and enjoyable for the player! It’s definitely a must for any football fan.

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Updated mechanics/Features
  • Value for Money

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