Facebook’s Chat Heads are floating onto iOS!


Facebook Chat Heads

There are a lot of rumours flying round the internet about Facebook trying their best to integrate their Facebook Home system (which debuted on various Android devices a few days ago) to iOS. Even though I don’t think Apple would ever allow Facebook such open access to iOS, they’re still doing all they can for the Facebook Home experience.

How? Well, the most popular feature of Facebook Home – the floating Chat Heads are now available your Facebook app via an update. So, what does this mean? It means while you’re on Facebook, no doubt stalking your ex and their new other half and someone messages you, a small circle with your friends display picture will float around. You can then tap this circle and dive into the conversation no matter where in the app you are.

This sounds like a pretty cool concept and it’s a shame there is no way that apps on iOS could communicate with each other to let the Chat Heads float on other apps. Who knows, maybe a Cydia tweak for all the jailbreak users is in the works. Other changes in the iOS app include “stickers” for chat (Facebook’s equivalent to emoji) and there is also a new layout for the iPad app.

Are you happy that iOS are starting to get some of the Facebook Home features? Or do you think that it should be Android users only? Let us know via the comments section below!


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  1. Facebook has done right thing by developing app instead of a smartphone otherwise it would have been first failure for them and probably the biggest one. Chat heads concept is very impressive as it let us keep in touch with all our beloved ones.

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