EE Announces 4GEE Pricing


I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the T-Mobile and Orange merger company called “EE” (formerly Everything Everywhere) launching at the end of this month, bringing with it the UK’s only 4G network – good news for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 users, right?

Well, it looks like they know that people really want 4G and have used it to their advantage with their absurdly priced contracts. All contracts come with unlimited texts and calls, which is always good but the internet restrictions are as follows;

  • £36 a month – 500MB of data
  • £41 a month – 1GB of data
  • £46 a month – 3GB of data
  • £51 a month – 5GB of data
  • £56 a month – 8GB of data

All contracts are 24 months in length, and depending on which contract you choose depends on the price of the phone that you get on the contract – obviously, the higher the contract price, the cheaper the handset price. I can’t believe that they’re offering such fast internet with such huge restrictions as only 500MB a month. Personally, I use about 1GB a week over 3G so with speeds of 40MB available (compared to the 1-5MB that 3G offers), that 500MB will be gone within a few days.

If, however, you’ve already got an iPhone 5/Samsung Galaxy S3 not on contract, the contracts are a bit better. Again, all come with unlimited calls and texts and the following internet restrictions;

  • £21 a month – 500MB of data
  • £26 a month – 1GB of data
  • £31 a month – 3GB of data
  • £36 a month – 5GB of data

They are also offering extremely competitive mobile broadband and home broadband offers, which you can check out by clicking here.

Do you think that EE are trying to take more money from us because they know we want it so much? Is that wrong, especially when only certain places will have 4G at launch? Let me know in the comments section below!


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