EasyCalendar for iPhone – A simple alternative to the iOS7 Calendar!


iOS 7 is the biggest change to the iPhone since the iPhone according to Apple, leaving no stone unturned in their redesign. This of course includes the stock Calendar app which many rely on for work/education/special events. There has been mixed reviews about the new look Calendar for iOS 7, with some loving its new minimalistic design but others hating it!

If you’re looking for a simple third-party alternative with full iOS Calendar integration then EasyCalendar might be for you. As the name suggests, it’s pretty straight forward. Tap on a specific date to create an event for it – the default menu will let you tweak the time, date, text and which calendar it belongs to (helpful if you have different coloured Calendars for different events). If you need to add more information just tap the More button which will take you to the default Calendar input menu. Simple.

EasyCalendar Screenshots

If you need a bigger view then no worries – EasyCalendar has you sorted! Just turn your phone to landscape mode and you’ll be able to access a 3 week period of your calendar. Just swipe left and right to change the months. This view gives you more of an iOS 7 feel with the transparent top banner and the bold, bright colours that are used for different months and calendars.

EasyCalendar Landscape view

A feature that EasyCalendar has that I haven’t really stumbled across before is a series of IAP’s (In App Purchases). What do you need to buy for a calendar app? Well EasyCalendar has a selection of Calendars to choose from – from British Bank Holidays to  the Barclays Premier League matches, all costing £0.99 each. It’s not something I’d buy but it’s nice to have the option, eh?

I’ve found myself using EasyCalendar more and more over the past few weeks. It’s a straight forward app but I feel like it may be missing its killer feature to distinguish it from other apps of a similar design. Even though it has a £1.49 price tag, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something that’s nothing fancy or technical, just a calendar that works really well.


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