EA announces EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup


EA has announced a new title in the FIFA franchise based upon the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil lets players “experience all the fun, excitement, and drama if Football’s greatest event”.

The game will bring a multitude of new features and improvements to the formula established in FIFA 14 as well as promising the most “accessible, fun, and exciting” FIFA title available. these new features include a new penalty kick system, adidas ball physics, pinpoint passing and responsive dribbling.


Fonte Nova


The game modes on offer in this iteration of FIFA include:

  • Road to the FIFA World Cup – Choose from 203 national teams, play through the qualifying rounds and proceed to the group stages.
  • Captain your country – A return of one of the most popular FIFA modes of all time
  • Road to Rio de Janeiro (online) – Progress through the 12 host cities in authentic and licensed stadiums.
  • Online FIFA World Cup – Compete in the group stage and World Cup final. Win seven games in a row against online opponents to claim the cup
  • Story of Qualifying – Features real world scenarios from qualifying
  • Story of finals – Play games based on the narrative of the real world cup
  • Additional modes – 2014 FIFA World Cup, Kick Off, Skill games, Friendlies, EA Sports Football Club



team line-up

The game will feature 203 FIFA sancitoned teams, a massive 7,469 players, 19 officially licensed managers, 21 new stadiums, and over 15 hours of added in-game commentary.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup is due for release on April 15th in North America and April 17th in Europe.


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