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It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to a new rap artist and thought ‘Wow this sounds different’. This is exactly what I thought when I first listened to Take Me by amateur rapper Doemaker Dot and was genuinely surprised at what I heard.

Doemaker Dot

Doemaker Dot in his new video Take Me – out soon!

One of the first things I noticed was the powerful vocal line singing an extremely catchy chorus which I actually found myself humming throughout the day. With my standards set high, the well-written rap took over from Flash Musiq. I think one of the main reasons this song works so well is the combination of a strong chorus and cleverly written rap to accompany. It was honestly refreshing to listen to words that were quite obviously written from experience and very meaningful, as well as having the occasional chuckle at some of the fantastic examples of play-on-words.

Another main thing I noticed listening to the song was the fact that it didn’t contain any vulgarity that I’m so used to hearing in songs, especially from this genre – and to be quite honest, I think the fact that it didn’t contain any swearing or any sort of slurs made it even more powerful and effective as a song.

Overall, after hearing Take Me (quite a few times now!) I am thoroughly impressed with Doemaker Dot as an artist and will eagerly be anticipating his future musical steps into the industry. A fantastic song with outstanding vocals and intelligent rapping – a must on anyone’s playlist!


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