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Do you ever feel inspired in the morning? You wouldn’t be wrong in replying “no” because like most people, I just want 5 more minutes (even though after the 5 more minutes I feel worse than when I first woke up!). Well, Henry Kurtze, a medical student and solo developer from Australia has a different take on getting you up in the morning. DayDream for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will wake you up and deliver you an inspirational quote every morning with a different quote every day.

DayDream Daily Quotes

In addition to this, you can get the quote up at any point by tapping on the quote button on the main screen where you can share the quote on Twitter, Facebook or via E-mail. You can also submit your own quotes in the app if you’ve got something that you think other people would like to wake up to. Find a quote that you really like? You can favourite it too and find it at any time by tapping on the star in the app!

DayDream night backdrop

DayDream night backdrop

Now the basis is done, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the app. It’s beautifully designed – simplistic and effective. You have a choice of two backdrops in the app, one beautiful night scene and one daytime sky shot (which moves!). Like most people, I have the night time shot in the evening and then the app wakes you up with blue skies with small clouds – who’d want to wake up to clouds and rain after all? The weather is also displayed upon wake up, giving you the current weather with the high and low in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit (you can pick which one in the settings).

DayDream alarm screen

DayDream alarm screen

The app is also personalised to you – when you first open the app, you input your name and from then on you get a personal wake up every morning. You can also personalise which sound to wake up to, and thank God it’s not those god awful inbuilt alarm tones, instead you have a variety of premium relaxing sounds to wake you up. Try to make sure your phone isn’t on silent when you go to sleep though, or that could cause a few problems! Not to worry if you do, though as it’s got a vibration setting as a default backup so the device will vibrate constantly until you turn it off. There are also snooze settings and repeat alarm settings, which are small features but definitely make or break an alarm clock app.

As an alarm clock app, this is definitely something different and refreshing from similar apps that are currently available on the App Store. Want to feel inspired when you wake up? Well, download the App from here for only £0.69 – definitely worth the price tag. Not convinced? Check out the video below;

Have you used DayDream? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!


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